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Rental contract terms

Renter's contact information:

JP Rental
Petäjävedentie 44, 97130 Rovaniemi

+358 44 060 951

​Y ID: 2384567-1


The fleet is registered and insured for rental use without a driver. The vehicles have full coverage as well as collision protection against animals, fire and theft protection.

The deductible in case of damage is 1500.00 euros. ​

The basic deductible can be reduced by 50% with an additional fee of EUR 25.00 per day.

A photo is taken of the driver's license of the main driver of the vehicle and, if necessary, the assistant driver, according to the conditions of the insurance company.

The charge for an additional driver is 5.00 euros per day.

All drivers' information must be written in the rental agreement.

During the season, e.g. vacation weeks, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Midsummer, etc. pricing may change. You should confirm the date in advance using the electronic form. ​ ​


The rental company must hand over the car to the renter in working order and in accordance with the law at the agreed time and place. In addition, the Rental Company must provide sufficient guidance on the use of the car at the separate request of the Renter. The rented car has been checked by the Rental Company or its partner before handing over to the Renter. However, the Renter is also obliged to check the car upon receipt to verify any damage or defects that may already be present in the car. Any damage or deficiencies must be reported to the Rental Company immediately.

The renter is obliged to take care of the car as well as a careful person takes care of his own, and to observe special care and caution when driving. The renter undertakes to use the car only in the usual way intended for it. During the rental period, the renter must take care of the normal monitoring of the condition of the car, such as the tire pressure and the adequate filling of oil and other liquids. When the car is parked even for a moment, it must be locked. The renter undertakes to drive the car himself. He is only allowed to hand over the car to another person or to be transported by another person if the permission to do so is separately indicated in the rental agreement.


The renter (driver) must have a valid driver's license and at least one year of driving experience. The lessee is obliged to provide information about the content of this agreement to the person to whom he hands over the rental property within the framework of this agreement. Using the car for illegal purposes, towing, competitions or their training, driving lessons and driving on ice outside of officially marked ice roads is prohibited. The car may not be taken outside the borders of Finland unless it has been separately agreed with Rental Company. Smoking and transporting pets in the car is prohibited.


The renter is always fully responsible for parking and parking violation fees, private parking enforcement fees, overload fees, traffic fines, speeding and other traffic crime or violation fines, road tolls and congestion charges caused by using the car during the rental period. By signing the rental agreement, the Tenant entitles the Rental Company to give their personal information to the authorities in order to determine the penalty payments noted above. The renter pays for the fuel he uses. The fuel used in the car is shown in the rental agreement and/or the car's registration extract. The renter is fully responsible for any damage to the car caused by refueling or using the wrong fuel. If the Renter returns the car with an empty tank, the Rental Company has the right to charge 30.00 for the missing fuel and refueling fee.

The renter is obliged to compensate Rental Company for any damage and loss of the car or its equipment during the rental period, and to pay the rent according to the Agreement for a maximum period of 30 days as compensation for downtime during the car repair. However, the renter's liability is limited to the basic excess of 1500.00 euros stated in the rental agreement. 

In winter, the engine must be preheated to -10 degrees in frost or more with either a Webasto or block heater. If the lack of preheating causes damage to the engine, the tenant is fully responsible for the damage.


The renter is obliged to compensate Rental Company in full for the damages without limitation of deductible, if the damages have arisen or were caused in any of the following ways: overloading, smoking in the car, damage to the car's upholstery, driving with over- or under-inflated tires, lost keys, using the wrong fuel, snow damage when there are warning signs, driving in spaces that are too cramped considering the size of the vehicle, driving on roads or areas in poor condition or other careless or incorrect use of the car.


The renter is obliged to compensate the Rental Company for the cleaning and cleaning costs resulting from the unusual soiling of the car. The Renter's full compensation obligation always also applies to damages that are directly or indirectly caused by the Renter's criminal conduct, using the car under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, or other intentional or gross negligence violations of the terms of the contract. The renter is released from his liability for compensation to Reltal company also with regard to deductibles, if Rental Company receives full compensation for the damage from the possible third-party causer of the damage or his insurance company.

The renter must immediately notify Rental company of any defect or damage to the car during the rental period. The police must always be notified immediately about a crime involving a car, a traffic accident, and an injury to a person or an animal. In the event of damage, the Renter must always fill out a written damage report to the Rental Company. The renter is fully responsible for the damages resulting from the neglect of the aforementioned notices. The rental company is responsible for a technical fault that appears in the car during the rental period, which is not caused by the Renter's operating error and/or carelessness. Provided that the error or fault is the responsibility of the Rental Company and if it is necessary to continue the trip, the Renter can repair the car on his own initiative at the Rental Company's expense to a maximum value of 75 euros. A receipt for the repair work and payment must be submitted to the rental company.

The lessee accepts the final rental calculation in advance without personally signing it ​ The rent must be paid before handover either by invoice 4 days in advance or by card when applying on site. It is possible to send invoices in advance as an online invoice, e-mail invoice, paper invoice. If the invoice is not paid on the same day as the car is rented, the insurance is not valid. A receipt for the paid rent will be sent to e-mail if necessary. ​ ​ If a technical defect or other defect occurs in the car during the rental period, for which the Renter is not responsible according to the rental conditions, the Renter can demand from the Rental Company to correct the defect or to reduce the price corresponding to the defect. If the Rental Company is unable to replace it with another rental car for the Renter's use in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement, the Renter has the right to receive compensation for the immediate reasonable costs incurred by the Renter as a result of the delay. However, taking into account the duration of the rental and the time spent and kilometers driven. However, at most the costs can be as much as the rental price. The renter must prepare to come back to the place of departure at his own expense if the car has a technical fault and cannot get a replacement car.

The rental company is not obliged to compensate third party damage, for example  a pre-arranged trip or tour that cannot be completed or is late for something, for examplea plane, train or bus. If the car breaks down due to a technical fault, the lessor is not obliged to pay for, for example, a taxi ride or other substitute ride to stay on schedule.

In the event of a technical problem with the car, a photo or video of this situation. On the basis of which we decide together whether it is safe to continue the journey.

The rental company is obliged to pick up the car back at the point of departure free of charge if the car breaks down for reasons beyond the control of the customer. If the breakage is caused by the customer, this must be agreed upon separately. However, the customer is obliged to compensate the damages in full. Up to the amount in the deductible. Or if the renter has violated the conditions, he is fully responsible for future expenses.

The renter must return the car with all equipment to the agreed place at the end of the rental period. The rental period according to the agreement ends when the car with the keys has been returned to the rental company or when the rental company has received the lessee's notification about returning the car to a location approved by the rental company. If the car has not been returned in this way and an extension of the rental period has not been demonstrably agreed upon, Rental company can report the matter to the police. The Rental Company has the right to charge the Renter the full rent for the period of the delay in returning the car, as well as compensation for the extra work caused by the Rental Company as a result of the delay and other related financial damages. If nothing else has been agreed, the car must be returned with a full tank. The rental company is not responsible for property left in the car at the time of return.

A cancellation fee of at least 15 euros is charged for all pre-paid rentals.

The reservation fee is the payment of the rent.

Rentals must be canceled in time.

7 days before, if the cancellation notice has been sent before the start of the rental, get 100% of the money back.

3-7 days before, if the cancellation notice is sent before the start of the rental, you will get 90% of the money back.

2-3 days before, if the cancellation notice is sent before the rental starts, you get 80% of the money back.

0-1 day before, if the cancellation notice is sent before the start of the rental, you will get 70% of the money back.

Returning the car before the end of the agreed rental period does not oblige you to return the rental price. ​ ​ You accept the terms of the contract by paying the rental.


Disagreements regarding the rental agreement are primarily resolved through negotiation. If the disagreement is brought to a court for resolution, the matter will be resolved by the district court of the rental company's domicile or, in cases of consumer disputes, a subordinate court according to other law.


All rights reserved.

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